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We are trying to make an impact by creating

Learning Ecosystem

We are a Non - profit with a mission to make every child the best version of themself

Our Vision - 2031

We're focused on building the best Self-sustainable community experience there is. A lifetime network that they can rely on for support
2000 Students
Drawing a salary of Rs 50 lpa  avg and Contributing 2% of their salary
And contributing 10 hours time per week for JTD activities.

Our Programs

It all started with a goal - to democratise educational opportunities to every deserving child. Here’s some of our programs.
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Palamaner Girls Coders

JTB is our program specially dedicated to software developer aspirants.Through JTB we help students train and develop all the technical skill set required to become a successful software developer
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JTD’s Computer Engineering Program (JCEP) is a product of our passion to transform Palamaner’s Higher Education.
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Sports For Girls

Sports for girls envisions providing opportunities to 2000 girls play a sport of their choice
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Joining the Sapta Swaras

JTSS, a program focused on empowering students through the learning and practice of Karnataka Sangeetham (commonly known as Carnatic Music ).
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Joining the Atoms

JOINING THE ATOMS (JTA) is our initiative that supports students motivated to be scientists and undertake higher education in research and contribute to scientific development of the country
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Doctos of Palamaner

“Doctors of Palamaner” is our initiative that empowers students of Palamaner to become the doctor of their dreams.
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See what our students are saying

I'm thankful to jtd because of this I got a good opportunity to reach my dreams and goals to become a software developer
Madhavi Latha
When I was searching for a better platform to reach my goal ,JTD Foundation comes towards me to fulfill my goal..
Student review
Software Engineer is only Passion of my life . But my father was financially poor. But that moment JTD gave a opportunity to become a software developer. By giving the laptop to me .So really it was a great opportunity to me from the JTD.  THANK YOU JTD
Student review
When I was doing my BTech I wanted to become a software developer. But I don't know how to do it. That time JTD gave support to me to become a software developer. Now I am working as a software developer at Sapaad. Not only for me, JTD gives support to a lot of students who want to achieve their ambitions. Thank you JTD.
Student review
Sailu Chandragiri
Software Developer
I want to become a software developer. In my graduation the NGO was came to our college they gave the opportunity for  girls.my dream is become a software developer so I join in the NGO student and also my friends. The NGO of JTD foundation help me lots off and also other girls. The JTD gave me to fulfill my dream to become a software developer.
Student review
Fouziya S
JTD team photo
Together we can make a difference

Every child deserves
the chance to learn.

Across the globe, 617 million children are missing basic math and reading skills. We’re a nonprofit delivering the education they need, and we need your help. You can change the course of a child’s life