Doctors of Palamner


Medicine has always been a highly sought out profession in India. It is said that there is a doctor for every 854 people even though the journey to the title is anything but easy for the aspirant, especially for those set of students who belong to the lower strata of our economy.  

At JTD, we believe that the socio-economic status of a student should not stop student from accomplishing the dream of becoming a doctor, and hence DOP was formed.

“Doctors of Palamaner” is our initiative that empowers students of Palamaneru to become the doctor of their dreams.

How can student join in program

- Only students from government schools are eligible for the program.
- Students will need to pass  JTD Common Entrance Test (JCET) conducted by JTD at the beginning of academic year.
- Students will need to maintain a consistent grade throughout JTD’s Monthly Assessments on the first Sunday of each month.

Highlights of the program:

- Two years NEET preparation program : Coaching and discussions from qualified mentors everyday.
- Bridge course and foundation course for
3 months with timely assessments.
NEET preparation material for selected students.
- 24 monthly tests  and 10 Mock tests before
NEET exam

How will JTD support DOP students after 2 years of NEET program

After completion of 24 modules, students who get into Universities listed by JTD will be given upto 4Lakhs as scholarship for their Bachelor degree.

-  4 lakh scholarship for students getting free  MBBS seat.
- Students getting into Universities listed by JTD will get support of 1 Lakh as loan for their masters degree.