JTD Computer Engineering Program - JCEP

“Every Software engineering aspirant becomes a world class engineer”

About JCEP

India isn’t still a level playing field when it comes to awareness and opportunities for rural youth to become software developers. Joining the Bits is a program that aims to help 2000 people become software developers by 2031.  

Why did we start JCEP?

If there’s one profession that can easily be tagged with India, that would be engineering. India produces more engineers annually than twice the population of Iceland. If engineering was a religion, it will count as the fifth populous in India.

According to a report by Aspiring Minds, the candidates from lower tier cities are not getting the same opportunities as those hailing from Tier-1 cities, even if they are equally qualified and skilled. The chances of finding a job for such a person is 24 per cent lower and the earning per-year salary would also be Rs 66,000 lesser. When we saw this, we knew we had to do something.

And as a result, JCEP was born. JTD’s Computer Engineering Program (JCEP) is a product of our passion to transform Palamaner’s Higher Education.


Hybrid Classroom

Live and Recorded High-On-Learning sessions. Ask questions, Get answers, Discuss and Learn.

Industry Mentorship & Personalised Feedback

Faculty and mentors who are subject matter experts with tech-industry coding experience.

Real World Software Development Problems

Hands On exposure with fortnightly coding assignments.

Lifetime Peer and ALumni Network

Thrive in a budding professional community even before employment.