Joining the Atoms

“Culture helps to ensure people's survival, and music helps in working towards that goal by bringing people together.”


The Education and Career sector has an established trend. The clamour for engineering seats, especially information and allied courses, has many a students making a beeline for for these courses. As a result, only a few students pursue a degree in the pure sciences, ie, subjects such as physics, chemistry and Mathematics. An even smaller percentage of these students enter the field of research. This skewed trend has become a great cause for concern.

As an organization, we realize importance of science and role of scientists in building of nation. Therefore for those students who want to work hard and pursue pure sciences, we present you with - JTA.

is our initiative that supports students motivated to be scientists and undertake higher education in research and contribute to scientific development of the country

How can student join in program

- Only students from government schools are eligible for the program
- Students will be selected based on Common Entrance Test (CET) conducted by JTD the starting of academic year.
- Students should also pass every monthly tests in order to continue in the program

Highlights of the program

- Two years JEE preparation program
- Bridge course and foundation course for 3 months with timely assessments.
- Two years JEE coaching with well trained teachers
- JEE material for selected students.
- 24 monthly tests and 10 Mock tests before JEE exam

How will JTD support DOP students after 2 years of NEET program

After completion of 24 modules, students who get into Universities listed by JTD will be given upto 4Lakhs as scholarship for their Bachelor degree.

-  1 lakh scholarship for students getting free  seat in central universities listed by JTD.
- Students getting into Universities listed by JTD will get support of 1 Lakh as loan for their masters degree.