Joining the
Bits Bootcamp

“Bits can make everything possible”

About SFG

Vision 2031 : “2000 rural underprivileged students become software developers in Tier 1/2 companies”
India isn’t still a level playing field when it comes to awareness and opportunities for rural youth to become software developers. Joining the Bits is a program that aims to help 2000 people become software developers by 2031.  

Roadmap / History

Ankit Goyal start classes for basic coding and algorithms. Vedansh Garg from Nav Gurukul supports by sending 2 of his students Adil and Prakash to help to palamaner.
Yuvraj refers JTD to Masai School who help students with zero background to software development become software developers. Soumitha joins Masai school in May 2020.
Soumitha gets a job at RevvSales becomes the first student of JTD to become a software developer
12 more students join Masai School and get software development jobs at various

What does JTBB do?

Select students
- JTBB Quotient Test - Basic mathematical aptitude and general knowledge
- JTBB Analytical Skills test - Student must demonstrate understanding of few algorithms (no coding involved)
- Hackerrank Python Basic Certificate
- Hackerrank Basic Javascript Certificate
- JTB Value Fit Interview
Selected Student now gets a laptop and enter Pre bootcamp phase
Train them during Pre Bootcamp Phase to prepare them for the bootcamp

- JTBB DSA Level 1 Test
- JTBB DSA Level 2 Test
- JTBB DSA Level 3 Test
- JTBB DSA Level 4 Test
- JTBB DSA Level 5 Test
- JTBB DSA Level 6 Test
- Operating Systems Basic - Intro to Operating Systems 1: Virtualization  
- Operating Systems Memory Management - Intro to Operating Systems 2: Memory Management
Student will graduate to the bootcamp stage
Mentor them during their Bootcamp Phase
- Unit 1 - Foundations
- Unit 2 - Frontend concepts
- Unit 3 - Frontend project
- Unit 4 - Backend concepts
- Unit 5 - Backend Project
- Unit 6 - Capstone Project
- Interviews

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