Joining the Sapta Swaras

“Culture helps to ensure people's survival, and music helps in working towards that goal by bringing people together.”


Culture is one of the four pillars on which JTD stands strong as an organization. We give utmost importance to following a well-defined set of values and ethics, and would like to instigate the same onto the future generations. And thus came JTSS, a program focused on empowering students through the learning and practice of Karnataka Sangeetham (commonly known as Carnatic Music ) which not only manifests ancestral wisdom and Ancient Indian Philosophies but also teaches the ways of living with the qualities of acceptance, self-expression, perseverance, humility and peace.

Hence, JTD’s Joining The Sapta Swaras is a humble effort to provide the children of rural areas* with the opportunity to learn this ethereal and eternal art form that not only helps them develop a spiritual outlook but also improves auditory skills, focus and memory, mathematical and vocal skills, and overall mental health by possessing therapeutic and meditative benefits.


JTSS provides one of the best opportunities for Government school students* to learn music free of cost. It involves classes of :-

- Carnatic
- Flute

Classes for each are conducted by qualified and certified Carnatic Music Teachers twice in a week.

Roadmap / History

The very first batch of Carnatic Vocals classes is started by Mr. Udaikumar but is soon taken over by Mrs. K Laxmikanthamma.
February 2022
A Second batch of Carnatic Vocals emerges, and Ms. Harshini Nadig S starts teaching students of this batch.
December 2022
A potential third batch of Carnatic Vocals is on the pipeline, the classes for which are starting soon.