• Keerthiraj Nagaraj

Keerthiraj Nagaraj

I have been associated with Joining The Dots (JTD) Foundation since it was founded in January 2015. I believe well rounded education at school level is the best tool at our hand to prepare today’s young generation to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. The fact that JTD foundation focuses on empowering students not just on academic front but also on other cocurricular areas such as sports, arts, computers, health etc has been a constant inspiration for me to be a volunteer in this organization. Being part of the JTD foundation has been one of the highlights of my life in the last 5 years as it has given me an opportunity to be a useful member of our society.

In the past I have had opportunities to work on a variety of programs organized by JTD foundation such as science experimentation classes, mental/vedic mathematics lecture series, aeromodelling workshops, astronomy (star gazing) sessions, mentoring and competitive exam training etc. I am currently focusing on managing JTD annual freedom walk fundraisers in USA. I have also had the honor of mentoring few amazing high school and college students through JTD foundation.

My interactions with various members of JTD foundation have taught me important values such as humility, hard work, and taking responsibility. I have met teachers, students, support staff, mentors, donors, and volunteers who have shown utmost dedication to making the vision of JTD foundation a reality. JTD foundation has created a fantastic community of people who believe that the best way to address challenges we face in our society is by working together. JTD foundation has become a place where I have gotten back much more than what I have contributed as a volunteer, in the sense that it has made me a part of a community where I have met some of the best people that I know in my life. I am honored to be a part of this organization and I’m looking forward to my time at JTD foundation moving ahead.

Keerthiraj is currently pursuing PhD in the electrical and computer engineering department at University of Florida.

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